with some spiders thrown in even though spiders are NOT insects
The Itsy Bitsy Song
Butterfly Cycle Song
Insect observation sheet.htm
Insect observation sheet.htm
Classroom Songs
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Student Sheets
Insect Books and Videos Page

Internet Resources
General Insect Resources Resources   - Butterflies, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Bees
Butterflies Unit
Butterfly Wordsearch
Other Insects

Word Seach and Hidden Message Puzzle at Songs 4

Gander Academy -  Pages Maintained by Jim Cornish, Grade 5
information and links for:  Insects, Spiders, Butterflies, Bees, Earthworms

Kentucky Elementary School - Page for Insects and Spiders

Carolyn's Links - General Information about Insects

Animal Coloring Pages @ First-school
index on the side:  insects, spiders
Butterfly Resources
Howard Hughes' Medical Institute - Cool Science
Art project about life cycle of butterfly

Children's Butterfly Site at Mountain Prairie Information Node
coloring pages, life cycle, FAQ, References, Books, Videos, Links, Photos
of Butterflies

Endangered Species - North America - Butterflies - Fact Sheet

North American Butterfly Association
information and links

Journey North - Project - Global Study of Monarch Butterfly

American Museum of Natural History - Butterfly Conservatory
Tropical Butterflies in Winter - has a butterfly cam

Ms. Doreen Wong's Hotlist for Internet Study of Butterflies
links and information about life cycles of butterflies and moths

The Caterpillar Page at Virtual Vine
A collection of teaching ideas, links, art ideas, songs and poems

Kentucky Elementary School Page - Butterflies

Kidzone - butterfly coloring          NEEDS TO BE FIXED

Food to Grow On
Overall Objective: The students will observe, predict, and record food consumption and growth of insects through
experimentation with caterpillar diets. They will relate their findings to their own growth and diet.

Carolyn's Links for Butterflies and Moths

Monarch Watch
Monarch Coloring
Monarch Butterfly at Enchanted Learning
Students:  this page might help you with your insect studies.

Parents:  Guidance while using any internet connection  is both encouraged and expected.  Some information is written at a reading level above your child's.  Site information can change at any time. The school also has no control over "pop-ups."
mealworms experiments - full page
mealworms experiments - full page
mealworms experiments - booklet
mealworms experiments - booklet
Worm Resources
Worms are classified as invertebrates.  Some worms are insect larvae.

Yucky Kids at
Travel through Wendell Worm's World or Ask /Wendell
- learn about worms as recycling and body parts
Roach World
Includes fun and games
Teacher Center

Worm Woman - Information about Vermicomposting
items to purchase including bins and the Worms Eat My Garbage Manual

Worm Bin Project - Lesson Plan - Students learn about decomposition and the worm's life cycle.

Science Museum of Minnesota Online Worm Project
First Graders at the Museum Magnet School explore the world of worms.
Includes questions and answers about Earthworms.
Songs and poetry about worms

Worm Words Glossary for Teachers

Let's Get Growing
An online catalog with hundreds of environmental science and nature education products including worm bins

Worm Man's Farm
Excellent source for all worm needs - great prices - no hidden costs

NYS DEC - Red Worm Goes to School

Mealworm  Resources
Mealworms are NOT worms.  They are the larval stage of the mealworm beetle, also known as the Darkling Beetle.

Fact sheet about Darkling Beetle

Darkling Beetle at Enchanted Learning

Mrs. Eberhardt's Mighty Mealworm Page,1871,34939-145423-38-58068,00.html
poem, letter, song, information

Mrs. Sawler's Grade One Study of Mealworms

Mrs. Sawler's Mealworm Wordsearch

Mrs. Sawler's Mealworm Jigsaw Puzzle

Getting to Know You - Mental Health Lesson
Overall Objective: The students will recognize differences between themselves and other people, and learn to accept their uniqueness as a positive gift. Students will demonstrate an increased comfort with handling mealworms. They will explore their attitudes about things and how their attitudes affect their interactions.

My Decisions - Good or Bad - Decision Making
Overall Objective: Through observation, discussion, experimentation and data collection with mealworms the students will demonstrate an understanding of the factors related to decision-making.

Insect Lore Resources
Source for live mealworm kit, life cycle model, literature

Mealworm Song
Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life
Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life, funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award, is a program dedicated to introducing health topics to children in kindergarten through third grade. The result is a printable collection of twenty integrated lessons with science and math activities that use live insects. These lessons are aligned with National Science Education Standards(NSES).

Eric Carle Books Teacher Idea Exchange
Carle wrote fictional books about caterpillar, cricket, firefly, spider

Insects Songs at Songs 4
"Flies and Bees Are Insects" to the tune of "Sing a Song of Sixpence"
"I Am A Bee"

Insect Poems collected by Mrs. Henriksen

Insect - purchase live insects or larvae - good source for books, videos, and fun "stuff"

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