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Frog Coloring Sheets

Amphibian Coloring Pages

Exploratorium - Frogs
Online exhibits, Make Your Own Rainstick, Sounds of the Rain Forest

FAQ Pet Frogs, Weird Frog Facts, Froggy jokes, coloring book, Frog Fables
Teachers Corner with Sites
Grade Level Readability:  K-3 readers with assistance

Enchanted Learning
Printables and Information for all ages

Insect Lore
Purchase live frog kits, books, videos, reversible tadpole to frog puppet, life-cycle rubberstamps

Can Teach Website
www.canteach.casearch index for topics for poems poetry

Teacher CyberGuide for Frog and Toad are Friends
Good ideas, some broken links

Collaborative Theme Unit for Grades 2/3  (Frogs & Reptiles):
University of South Carolina Course Assignment

Frog & Toad Unit - Written by First Grade Teacher
Houghton Mifflin Teacher View - Collection of Teacher Created Lessons
Look up title, author, or subject
Guided Reading with Frog & Toad
Guided Reading - Frogs Nonfiction
Guided Reading Using Gail Gibbons Frogs
Frogs & Toads Are Different, But Still Friends   

Frog and Toad - original story  

Life Cycle of a Frog (kindergarten) 

All About Frogs   

Friends of Frogs
Site for the malformed Minnesota frogs.  Interesting, but not helpful for K-3
Kentucky Frogs
  Site for Kentucky frogs.  Interesting, but not helpful for K-3

National Biological Information Infrastructure
Collection of links for teachers

Classroom Library

Brooks, Alan  Frogs Jump:  A Counting Book illustrated by Steven Kellogg  1996
Clymer, SusanThere's A Frog in My Sleeping Bag1997RL 3 GR R
Cole, JoannaThe Magic Schoolbus Hops Home
Cowley, JoyRed-Eyed Tree Frog1991AD350LRainforest frog
Curran, EileenLife In the Pond1985RL 1
Dewey, Jennifer OwingsPoison Dart Frogs1998NC1060LRainforest frog
Fleming, DeniseIn the Small, Small Pond1993Caldecott Honor
Fowler, AllanFrogs and Toads and Tadpoles, too1992Rookie Read About Science
Fowler, AllanLife in a PoolRookie Read About Science
Glaser, LindaFabulous Frogs1999
Golden BooksFrogs1999
Greenaway, TheresaTadpoles2000
Hawes, JudyWhy Frogs Are Wet1996 Stage 2 Let's Read  And Find Out Science Book
Hibbert, Adam    A Freshwater Pond1999
Jordan, Tanis    Journey of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog1991Rainforest frog
Kalman, Bobbie and Everts, BobbieFrogs and Toads1994597.8
Kennedy, KimFrankenfrog1999
Kalan, Robert Jump, Frog, Jump   1989Cumulative tale
Lillegard, DeeFrog's Lunch1994Scholastic Beginning Literacy Stage B
Lionni, LeoFish is Fish1970RR 22-24  GR L
Lionni, LeoIt's Mine1996
Lobel, ArnoldDays With Frog and Toad1979RR 17-19  DRA 18  GR J
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Are Friends1970RR 17-19  DRA 18  GR J
Lobel, ArnoldFrog and Toad Together1971RR 19-21  GR KNewbery Honor
London, JonathanFroggy Learns to Swim1995RL 2
London, JonathanFroggy Plays Soccer1999RL 2
Martin, JamesFrogs1997597.89
Napoli, Donna JoThe Prince of the Pond
Napoli, Donna JoJimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace1995
Pallotta, JerryThe Frog Alphabet Book
Patent, Dorothy HinshawFlashy, Fantastic Rainforest Frogs1997RL 3  NC820L
Pfeffer, WendyFrom Tadpole to Frog  1994Stage I Let's Read  And Find Out Science Book
Preller, James & MariaThe Boastful Frog19952 - 4Australia
Sabin, FranceneWonders of the Pond1982574.5
Scholastic Act-TwoFace to Face:  Frogs2001
Schultz, EllenI Can Read About Frogs and Toads1999
Schwartz, David M.At the Pond (Look Once Look Again Series)1997
Schwartz, David M.Wood Frog1999CTP Life cycles series
Scieszka, JonThe Frog Prince Continued1991RR 33 GR O
Shannon, GeorgeFrog Legs:  A Picture Book of Action Verse2000
Souza, D.M.Frogs, Frogs, Everywhere1995597.8
Stewart, DavidFrom Tadpole to Frog1998
Stidworthy, JohnPonds and Streams1990RL 4574.5
Tarcov, Edith H.The Frog Prince1974RR 19-21  GR KHello Reader -  3
Teague, MarkFrog Medicine1991
Wiesner, DavidTuesday1991 wordless picture book frog
Williams, JohnThe Life Cycle of a Frog1987597.89

Geo Kids:  Tadpoles, Dragonflies, and the Caterpillars Big Change  1994
The Magic Schoolbus Hops Home - habitats  1995

Teacher Resources:
I Toad You So!    A Curriculum Activity Guide - available from
Frogs  Cross-Curricular Theme Unit About Amphibians, Scholastic, 2000
Animal Life Cycles      Evan-Moore teaching guide 1994

Teacher's Helper Magazine - Grades 2/3
Frogs Theme - Language Arts and  Math - April, May, June 1999
Frogs Theme - Language Arts - April, May, June 2003
Arnold Lobel - Frog and Toad  AMJ 1998
                    - Frog and Toad All Year NDJ 1992-1993

Mailbox Magazine - Primary
Exploring the Pond - April/May 1999