Theme:  Immigration to The United States
Classroom Bibliography
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(Refugees from Caribbean Island - Celebrate Thanksgiving)
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Ellis Island Story  2002  Jewish Girl
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(Time travel to 1908 Italy)
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(Early pioneer buys farm)

Molly's Pilgrim - Teaching Ideas
Teacher Views

Collaborative Lessons

Create a Doll's_pi.html

Interview an Immigrant


Information About Immigration:

New York, NY, Ellis Island—Immigration: 1900-1920
This Web site features photographs of the early 20th century documenting immigration through the most famous point of entry, Ellis Island.

Education World - Collection of Sites

Scholastic - Find out what it means to come to the United States as an immigrant from the early 20th century through the early 21st century.

Interactive Tour of Ellis Island

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - Resources for Students and Teachers
Symbols of Immigration to America
History of Immigration to the United States
History of the Immigration and Naturalization Service
The Immigration and Naturalization Service Today
Immigration Laws
Coming to America
Becoming Americans
Immigrants: Famous and Not So Famous
Finding Information on One's Own Immigrant Background


Primary Family Assignment:

Completed Projects:
Group Reports, Map, Clothespin Dolls, Immigrant Interviews
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