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Click for Delmar, NY Forecast
Click for Delmar, NY Forecast
Local Weather Information for Delmar, New York
Websites for Weather

Scholastic's Interactive Weather Maker
What would it be like to be a real weather person - not just someone who reports the weather, but someone who can actually control it? Well here's your chance. Using our Interactive Weather Maker, you'll be able to turn a sunny day into a windy day. Or create a rainy day. And if you create the correct conditions, you can make a blizzard - complete with a whiteout! To find out more about how weather works, visit Weather Watch.

Scholastic's Interactive Weather Maker
Weather Watch

Magic School Bus Game for Children
Are you weather wise?
Blizzards, thunderstorms, and tornados are some of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles. Become an official weather expert by answering Liz the Weatherlizard’s questions about these raging storms.

The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm - teacher ideas

Weather Wiz Kids
Meteorologist Crystal Wicker designed this website especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. It’s also aneducational website for teachers and parents that gives them the right tools they need to explain the different types of weather to children.

Weather Activities at
Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves! Also Glossary and Lesson Plans

Welcome to the Air and Weather Module! Cold, hot, warm, cool, what does the temperature mean to you? Come help our bear decide what to wear!

National Severe Storms Laboratory - NSSLWeather Room
This site provides general information for parents, students and teachers.
Coloring books are available for parents to print.

The Keystone Science Network (KSN) was a major, multi-year collaboration of The Franklin Institute Science Museum with the National Science Foundation
Kid-appropriate sites for students explore on their own, or with your guidance.

Gander Academy - Weather Theme

Weather Wiz Kids

Weather dude's websites for kids

The Weather Channel Kids Information, Games, Weather Forecast

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