with some spiders thrown in even though spiders are NOT insects!
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Nonfiction (call number given if known)
AltheaInsects595.7  1990
Berger, Melvin and GildaWhere Did the Butterfly Get Its Name?  Questions and
  Answers About Butterflies and Moths 2002
Bernard, RobinI Can Read Science: The Life of a Butterfly  1995
Bockus, DanielEye to Eye:  Insects and Spiders   1997
Chinery, MichaelLife Story:  Butterfly595.781991
Chinery, MichaelLife Story:  Spider    595.4   1991
Cutts, DavidI Can Read About Bees and Wasps 1998
Educational InsightsFascinating InsectsBig Book            1992
Facklam, Margery The Big Bug Book                                 1994
Facklam, Margery       Creepy Crawly Caterpillars    1996
Fischer-NagelLife of the Butterfly                        544.21987

Rookie Read About Science Series
Fowler, AllanInside An Ant Colony2001
Fowler, AllanIt Could Still Be a Butterfly2001
Fowler, AllanIt Could Still be A Worm     2001
Fowler, AllanIt's A Good Thing There are Insects595.7  1990
Fowler, AllanSpiders Are Not Insects1996

Freeman, DarleneKnow-It-Alls:  Butterflies2001
Getzoff, MelissaButterfly Magic       595.781996
Gibbons, GailMonarch Butterfly                     1989
Grassy, JohnNature's Wild:  Insects            1999
Harvery, Diane and BobMelody's Mystery    1991
Heller, RuthHow to Hide a Butterfly and Other Insects     1992
Kids Discover MagazineButterflies and Moths  (can still be purchased)
Kids Discover MagazineInsects               1998
Markle, SandraCan You Believe?  Insects    2002
Mason, AdrienneMealworms:  raise them, watch them, see them change
j638.576   1998
Mattern, JoanneA Picture Book of Butterflies and Moths595.781993
Morgan, SallyButterflies, Bugs and Worms:  Biology Facts and Experiments1996
Morley, ChristineTotally Amazing Spiders    1998
Nelson, JoAnneBackyard Bugs                       1990
Parker, SteveEye Witness Explorers:  Insects 1992
Pringle, LaurenceAn Extraordinary Life:  The Story of a Monarch Butterfly1997
Rodger, ElizabethPop-Up Book:  Caterpillar to Butterfly1996
Schaeffer, DonnaMealworms            j595.76       1999
Schaeffer, DonnaPainted Lady Butterflyj595.78       1999
Schwartz, David M.Monarch Butterfly                        1999

Fiction  (many fiction books contain facts)
Bunting, EveButterfly House1999
Carle, EricThe Grouchy Ladybug
Carle, EricThe Very Busy Spider
Carle, EricThe Very Hungry Caterpillar
Carle, EricThe Very Lonely Firefly
Carle, EricThe Very Quiet Cricket
Cassie, Brian and Pallotta, JerryThe Butterfly Alphabet Book    1995

Magic School Bus Books - Series books written by Joanna Cole - tv script and chapter books written by others.
The MSB Butterfly and the Bog Beast      1996
The MSB Butterfly BattleChapter Book   2003
The MSB Gets Ants in Its Pants    1996
The MSB Spins a Web                          1997
The MSB Inside a Beehive                    1996

DeLuise, DomCharlie the Caterpillar    1990
Hepworth, CathiAntics!             1992
Himmelman, JohnA Mealworm's Life   2001
Himmelman, JohnA Monarch Butterfly's Life
Hoose, Phillip and HannahHey, Little Ant1998
Kirk, DavidMiss Spider's Tea Party        1994
Kraus, RobertHow Spider Saved Valentine's Day1985
Pallotta, JerryThe Butterfly Counting Book1998
Pallotta, JerryThe Icky Bug Alphabet Book1986
Pallotta, Jerry  The Icky Bug Alphabet Book  1986
Singer, MarilynA Pair of Wings              2001
White, E.B.Charlotte's Web                   1952

Faber, NormaNever Say Ugh to a Bug  811         1979
Fisher, AileenWhen It Comes to Bugs   811         1986
Florian, DouglasInsectlopedia:  poems and paintings    811.54    1998
Greenberg, David T.Bugs!                                     1997
Lewis, Patrick JThe Little Buggers:  Insect and Spider Poems811.54    1997

Davol, Marguerite W.Why Butterflies Go By on Silent Wings2001
Hayes, JoeCoyote and the ButterfliesBig Tales   1993
Taylor, Harriet PeckCoyote and the Laughing Butterflies1995


The Magic School Bus - DVD - Bugs, Bugs, Bugs  3 episodes (available separately on VHS)
The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in its Pants
The Magic School Bus in a Beehive
The Magic School Bus:  Butterflies and the Bog Beast

The Magic School Bus - VHS - Creepy Crawly Fun  3 episodes (also available separately)
The Magic School Bus in a Haunted House (sound)
The Magic School Bus Goes Batty (nocturnal creatures)
The Magic School Bus Spins a Web (spiders)

National Geographic - GeoKids - Tadpoles, Dragonflies and the Caterpillar's Big Change

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