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Volcano Books
Cole and Degan  The Magic Schoolbus Inside the Earth   1987

Fowler, AllanThey Could Still Be Mountains551.4Rookie Reader1997

Jeunesse and Verdet    The Earth and Sky (A First Discovery Book) 1989

Mahy, MargaretThe Rattlebang Picnic  Steven Kellogg illustrated1994
humorous adventure

Merrians, DeborahI Can Read About Earthquakes and Volcanoes      1975

Nicolson, Cynthia Pratt          The Earth1996

Pearce, Q. L.How and Why Activity Book:  The Earth     1989

Selsam, MillicentBirth of An Island   1959

Stamper, JudithThe Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book
  Voyage to the Volcano   2003RL 3  RR 34-6  GR P

VanCleave, Janice         Volcanoes - Experiments1994
         - adult supervision needed for most experiments

Highlights for Children Magazine March 2004
The Mailbox  Magazine Primary Oct/Nov 1995

Volcano Links
for Teachers and Students
Enchanted Learning
Activities, Dictionary, Craft, Diagram, Quiz

Our Changing Earth
The Keystone Science Network (KSN) was a major, multi-year collaboration of The Franklin Institute Science Museum with the National Science Foundation

ABC Teach - List of available resources - Membership required for some resources

Volcano Word Search

Volcano  Shape Book

Volcano Crossword

FEMA's Volcano Site for Kids

Jim Cornish, 5th Grade Teacher, Canada
Many links, answers questions

Carolyn's Links and Lesson Plans

Volcano Video

The Magic Schoolbus Blows Its Top 
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