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Polar Regions

Arctic - Internet Resources
Word Search about Alaska

Antarctica - Internet Resources
Animal printoutsAntarctica - information
Zoom School Unit on Antarctica


Internet Resources

Resource Sites
Polar Bear Fact Sheet @ Kids Planet
Polar Bears @Enchanted Learning - diagram and facts for printing
Polar Bears - Lessons/Activity Sheets - Jim Cornish, Gr. 5  Teacher's Site
Penguins Theme - Lesson Plans/Resource Sites - Jim Cornish

Sea World/Busch Gardens Education Departments offers more than 75 educational resources for teachers. Information booklets and Teacher's Guides provide animal information and classroom activities. Posters of sharks, killer whales, and more will enhance your classroom. 
Seaworld Guides for Teachers - Penguins, Arctic Animals Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses, Shark, Whales - pdf files

Lesson Plans
Travel to Polar Lands - activity ideas for researching polar animals and studying polar lands.

Antarctica Plans - Jim Cornish, 5th Grade Teacher at Gander Academy
links and activities

Arctic Tundra - Carolyn's Links and Lesson Plans

Polar Bears  - Students will explain what keeps Polar Bears warm in the Arctic by experiencing a layer of blubber to protect them.


Polar Bear Crossword - includes facts about polar bears
Polar Bear Wordsearch - includes facts about polar bears
Polar Bear Word Scramble - includes facts about polar bears
Polar Bear Maze
Kidzone Penguin Activities

Online Activities
The Penguin Place @ Enchanted Forest  - activities for students including printables  List of links for teachers also

Penguins Unit - Webquest

Kentucky Elementary School
- Page on Penguins - Informational Sites, Interactive Sites, WebQuests
Bear Songs and Poems @ Can Teach

Carolyn's links and lesson plans for Glaciers and Icebergs