Butterfly Cycle

Tune:Row, Row, Row Your Boat


Hatch, hatch, little egg,

Iím so very small.

Teeny tiny caterpillar,

you canít see me at all.


Crawl, caterpillar, crawl,

Munching on a leaf.

Crawling, munching, crawling, munching,

Eat and eat and eat.


Form, form chrysalis

Iím a different shape;

Hanging by a silken thread

Until I can escape.


Rest, rest, chrysalis

While I change inside.

Now at last my time has come

To be a butterfly.


Stretch, stretch, pretty wings,

Itís a special day.

Soon they will be strong enough

For me to fly away.


Fly, fly, butterfly,

Fly from flower to tree.

Find a place to lay my eggs

So they can grow like me.


©Suzy Gazlay 2003. Used by permission.

You can reach her at SingingScience@comcast.net .