I've Been Living in the Desert

Sing to the tune of
"I've Been Working on the Railroad"

I've been living in the desert
For so many days.
I've been living in the desert
Just to see the animals play.

Don't you feel the wind blowing
across your face and arms.

Don't you feel the sun shining
It's just too hot.

Don't you want to come...
Don't you want to come..
Don't you want to come to the desert?
Welcome to the Desert

Sing to the tune of
"Oh! Susanna!"

Oh, the days are hot; the nights are cold;
The weather it is dry.
With rocks and sand and lots of space.
Sometimes the wind blows by.

Come see the desert --- it's a pretty place to be!
Just keep your cool and watch your step,
For you may have company!

Look, there's a giant cactus tree.
Saguaro is its name.
It stores water for dry times,
And you should do the same.


When the sun goes down, the air turns cool.
More critters start to roam.
They're hungry and they search for food,
The desert is their home.


The centipedes and scorpions
Are poisonous as can be
So keep your distance --- don't you touch!
There's plenty more to see!


Sing to the tune of
"Old Smoky"

See the saguaro
Standing so high
Grows very slowly
Reaching the sky.

Provides food and shelter
For creatures who know
To nest in the branches
And burrow below.

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