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Word Puzzles for Children
Flower Wordsearch

Plant Wordsearch (advanced)
Plant Crossword

Activities for Children
Help Farmer Jane plant your garden, and watch it grow!

Websites to Help Plan Unit
Plants at Enchanted Learning - printables and information

Kentucky Elementary School Page - Informational Links, Gardening, Interactive Links

Let's Get Growing - site sponsered by Home Depot and Scotts - teaching ideas for creating a Peace Garden, grant information, catalog

        Poem to Use if the Flowers Don't Grow!
I planted some seeds in hopes they'd grow
Something went wrong, I just don't know 
Instead of some flowers, it's a cupful of dirt
I love you! I hope your feelings aren't hurt.


Lobel, Arnold  Frog and Toad Together The Garden 1971

Spring Poetry collected by Mrs. Henriksen - LINK IS BROKEN 4/7/07

Theme Unit with  Lesson Plans, Online Activities, Links  LINK IS BROKEN 4/7/07


A Scripted Slide Set about Composting for Kids

Composting in Schools

Soda Bottle Bioreactor - experiment in school with composting

Vermicomposting - Composting with Worms
Worms are classified as invertebrates.  Some worms are insect larvae.

Yucky Kids at
Travel through Wendell Worm's World or Ask /Wendell
- learn about worms as recycling and body parts
Roach World
Includes fun and games
Teacher Center

Worm Woman - Information about Vermicomposting
items to purchase including bins and the Worms Eat My Garbage Manual

Worm Bin Project - Lesson Plan - Students learn about decomposition and the worm's life cycle.

Science Museum of Minnesota Online Worm Project
First Graders at the Museum Magnet School explore the world of worms.
Includes questions and answers about Earthworms.
Songs and poetry about worms

Worm Words Glossary for Teachers

Let's Get Growing
An online catalog with hundreds of environmental science and nature education products including worm bins

Worm Man's Farm
Excellent source for all worm needs - great prices - no hidden costs

More Information for Fourth Grade about Redworms

          Trash can with holes drilled                       Compost bins

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