Redworm Facts

         Eisenia Foetida

         Also known as compost worms. 

         Life Span 2 to 5 years

         2 to 5 cocoons per week.  4 is normal with good conditions

         2 to 3 worms hatch from each cocoon

         45 day hatch time

         6 weeks for worms to go from hatchling to adult breeder.


1000 worms with yield 4 cocoons per week.  3 worms will hatch from  each cocoon creating 12,000 worms per week.  48,000 worms will be created a month in a well cared for bed.  In 6 weeks that first 12,000 worms will be breeding.  You can see how quickly 1000 worms will grow into hundreds of thousands.

Red Worms ( scientific name eisenia fetida). This is the common composting worm. This worm grows to about two to three inches long. This worm is a prolific breeder, and will compost organic matter in huge amounts.

Red worms do amazing things for our planet. They are God's living compost machines. They devour our garbage and turn it into thick, dark, nutrient rich compost that will cause yields in gardens to increase and indoor plants to thrive. The best part is that you don't have to spend all that money and have all the negative effects of store bought fertilizers. This is why we compost with red worms and believe every home should. Our mission is to create a viable worm industry, so that there is an alternative to the landfills of today. Compost your garbage and save the world. Not to mention you will get millions of free worms to sell, fish with or to give to others.


Nutritional Analysis of Red Worms:

 Moisture- 84.8%  Fat- 2.0%  Ash-0.7%  Protein- 10.5%