Websites Appropriate for Children (and adults, too!)
Rainforest Heroes - Rainforest Action Network
Information about the rainforest and what we can do to help protect the rainforests
Games, Coloring,
Teachers Corner of information including a packet - Heroes Corner includes photos of school environments/projects

The Magic School Bus in the Rainforest by Joanna Cole
Activities for Students and Teaching ideas              - rain forest  index

List of Ways to Help Save the Rainforest

National Geographic for Kids Site

Rainforest at night - Virtual World

National Geographic for Kids - Donkey Kong game - searching the jungle - perhaps as a reward - not academic

Coloring Pages of Animals

Websites for Teachers and Other Adults
The Teachers Corner - websites, lesson plans, book suggestions

Zoom Rainforest at Enchanted Learning - information for both members and non-members - other documents available with search

Rainforest Theme at abcteach - printables as well as photographs of other classrooms

PreKinders Rainforest Page - ideas for teaching younger students - links to further information and animal coloring pages and rainforest sounds

Rainforest Page - Jim Cornish, 5th Grade Teacher at Gander Academy CITE/rforest.htm

Carolyn's Rain Forest Links and Lesson Plans

Searchterm - Rainforest  links to websites, lesson plans, units   links to websites, lesson plans, worksheets   links to units, lesson plans, coloring pages webquests, ideas for bulletin boards

Kathi Mitchell's Links

Kentucky Elementary School - Page for Rainforest - General Information, Animals, Plants, Activities

Unit Resource Books on Hand:
Endangered Rain ForestsCarson-Dellosa1993
A Unit About Tropical RainforestsEvan-Moor1993
Thematic Book Reports for ScienceRainforest as a topic
Teacher's Helper Magazine  Gr. 2-3  September/October 1994

Wish list
MP4794  Life in the Rainforest Grades 2-3  Milkein Publishers  $8.99
CTP2473  Rain Forest Adventures Grade K-1  $11.99

DK Publishing:  Henry's Amazing Animals:  Rainforest Animals  1998  VHS
The Magic School Bus in the Rainforest  VHS
Ferngully,  the Last Rainforest

Really Wild Animals: Totally Tropical Rain Forest

Take a totally tropical trip to the rain forest with Spin, National Geographic's animated globe-on-the-go! Explore the life-filled rain forest, where there's a greater variety of plants and animals than anywhere else on the earth. In Central and South America, kids will meet spotted jaguars, colorful poison-arrow frogs, slow-moving sloths, and loud-mouthed howler monkeys all captured by the world's finest filmmakers. Exciting music videos celebrate the wonderfully weird creatures from the shady forest floor to the sunny treetop canopy. Approximately 40 minutes. For ages 4 to 10. © 1994 
Available as both VHS and in a DVD package

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Old Memories of Whole School Project - Built a Rainforest on the Stage
circa 1994
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