Bulletin Boards and Displays
Created by Primary Family Teachers and Students

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Theme Units Studied By the Primary Family
Science/Social StudiesAdvent Studies - under construction
Desert    Insects
Famous AmericansSolar System
Simple Machines   Communites Around the World
The United States/States Project  Dr. SeussFamous Americans
Favorite Websites - under construction

The Wizard is pointing to one of our favorite Back to School poems:  Mary Had Some Bubble Gum!  The Primary Family Information display stays up all year with the information changing as necessary.  The jigsaw puzzle in the bottom right corner is a first week of school activity.  Each student and teacher writes his name and decorates on puzzle piece.  Extra pieces have words such as cooperation, friendship, honesty, and courtesy written on them.  These words are brainstormed by the students as "words which hold us together as a Primary Family."
Here are some of our favorite Welcome Back to School Displays
Each January we talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. and diversity.  The Montgomery Bus Company bus has each adult and child of the Primary Family riding!  The bus is surrounded by shields which describe what makes each of us special and what we'll each do to make the world a better place. 
One of our major Primary Family Social Studies units is Immigration.  Students are divided into cooperative learning groups and assigned a topic.  The large posters displayed below are the result of group research.
Each student and teacher also interviews an immigrant and creates a brief report which is shared.  A world map is labeled to show where the immigrants researched came from.
After reading Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen each student and teacher created a clothes pin doll to represent a child from somewhere in the world.  Each doll was then placed on the appropriate continent and if possible, country.
Cooperative groups of students created posters about the seasons of the Arctic.
Student partners  wrote facts about the Arctic on  polar bears and facts about the Antarctic on penguins.
Geometry Boards
Titles of books read by students are written on the individual pieces of this spring display.  We started with "color" teams for the rainbow and then added the blades of grass and other pieces.  Our "Read Aloud Clouds" were added as we needed them!

States Project
Students write research reports on the state of their choice.
Individual maps are placed together to create one large U.S.A. map.
State flags and postcards are also a part of our display.
Religious Displays
And To Think I Saw It on St. Marie's Lane!
Students wrote their own version of the Dr. Seuss favorite.
A predrawn and then xeroxed "road" made the pictures connect.  I arranged the pictures in order from close to reality to really wild!
Titles of books read by students are written on colored dots.  Students are arranged in teams.  Team names are written on the balloon baskets.
Book Titles on Leaves, insects and butterflies