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Eucharist Class
by Zachary

I am in the Eucharist class.  I am making my First Eucharist.  In class we read our books.  We have religion on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Our chapters are mostly about the gifts of the Lord.  We have eight chapters in our book.  we have chapters in our books about friendship.  Sometimes we sing songs like Joy, Joy, Joy and Into My Heart.  I really love being in the Eucharist Class.  I hope that next year's class likes it too.

By Ryan

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the Miller Homeroom has gym.  On Tuesdays we have gym first.  On Thursdays the Welch homeroom goes first.  Gym is fun for me.  I like kickball.  It's fun.  Miss Olivan is the teacher.  She is very nice.  I learned how to play netball.  I like gym class.