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4_H Embryology in Lancaster County, Nebraska
Egg Cam
Information about Incubating and Candling

Easy Chicken Poultry and Supply - Pictures of Chicks Hatching
There's also information about correct temperature and humidity for incubators on this site.

What is Chickscope?
Using computers in the classroom with access to the Internet, students and teachers are able to access data generated from the latest scientific instruments. The goals include an increased understanding of the process of gathering scientific data and the opportunity to interact with scientists from several disciplines and students in other classrooms The access to unique scientific resources and expertise provides motivation for learning science and mathematics and stimulates interest in the scientific world.
The 21-day Chick Lifecycle

This is the EggMath version 1.5, a collection of web modules (including many interactive applets) covering different topics in mathematics related to eggs; it is intended for use in K-12 classrooms, as in the Chickscope project at the Beckman Institute.

Egg to Chick
Lesson Plans for Grades 1-2  

Incubation and Embryology - teaches science and respect for life  (K-12 Information)
Activities and Resources

Incubation and Embryology Project

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Article cautioning against hatching in the classroom

Science NetLink - Unit lessons

FossWeb - Science Curriculum

Incubator instructions:

Egg to Chick Study