Second Grade Word Wall Words

about                         into                         slow

after                         it's                         small

again                         joke                         snap

are                         jump                         sometimes

beautiful                         junk                         sports

because                         kicked                         stop

before                         knew                         tell

best                         line                         than

black                         little                         thank

boy                         made                         that's

brothers                         mail                         their

bug                         make                         them

can't                         many                         then

car                         more                         there

caught                         name                         they

children                         new                         they're

city                         nice                         thing

clock                         not                         those

could                         off                         to

crash                         one                         too

crashes                         or                         trip

didn't                         other                         truck

don't                         our                         two

drink                         outside                         use

eating                         people                         very

every                         phone                         wanted

favorite                         played                         was

first                         pretty                         went

float                         quit                         were

found                         rain                         what

friends                         really                         when

girl                         ride                         where

green                         right                         who

gym                         said                         why

have                         sale                         will

here                         saw                         with

house                         school                         won

how                         shook                         won't

hurt                         sister                         write

I                         skate                         writing