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dr SeuSS Math Paper       March 2, 2004


1)                  Left foot      Right foot     Feet     Feet     Feet

          How many feet do you meet if 7 girls are in a circle?



2)                  Front feet    Back feet     Red feet    Black feet 

          How many, many feet do you meet if 4 dogs come to        greet you?



3)                  Bump!   Bump!  Bump! Did you ever ride a wump?

          How many people can ride on Mr. Gump's seven hump    Wump if two people are on each hump?                          (Draw a picture!)



4)                  There are yellow pets called Zeds.  They have one hair upon their heads.  The hair grows fast . . . so fast, they say they need a hair cut every day.  How many times do Zeds get their hair cut each week?



5)                  At our house we play out back.  We play a game called Ring the Gack. 

          We throw the rings in a pattern. 

          Can you finish the pattern? 

          red, blue, yellow, red, ___________, ___________


6)                  You can think about gloves. You can think about SNUVS. You can think a long time about SNUVS and their gloves. SNUVS have 2 hands.  How many SNUVS can wear 10 gloves?  (Draw a picture!)




7)                  Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try!                 You can wonder . . .  How long is the tail of a ZONG?       Draw a tail that is 6 centimeters long.