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Daily Language Review


"So, on beyond Zebra!

Explore! Like Columbus!

Discover new letters!

Like WUM is for Wumbus,

My high-spouting whale who lives high on a hill

And who never comes down ‘til it’s time to refill.”



1.  Underline the nouns.

2.  Circle the verbs.

3.  'til = _________

4.  Why does the Wumbus come down from his hill?



Daily Math Review


"The Um is for Umbus                       

A sort of Cow, with one head and one tail,

But to milk this great cow you need more than one pail!

She has ninety-eight faucets that give milk quite nicely."


1)  What is the time shown on the clock? __________

2)  It takes the Umbus 3 hours and 15 minutes to walk

through town. If it   starts walking at the    time shown, what time would it be finished? __________

3)  How many letters in our alphabet?__________

4)  How many pails do you think you'd need for 1 Umbus?  __________  

5)  How many faucets would 2 Umbuses have?   Write the addition problem  



                     66                  82                  45

                   +14                -  9                 -29




Write number sentences for today's number.