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Date __________________________

Daily Language Review


"Why, I know a fine fancy letter called FUDDLE. I use it in spelling Miss Fuddle-dee-duddle.

And, oh! What a bird-of-a-bird-of-a-bird-of!

Her tail is the longest that's ever been heard of.

So long and so fancy she'd be in a fix

If she didn't have helpers.  It takes about six

To tag along, hoisting Miss Fuddle-dee-duddle's

Wonderful tail out of muddle-dee-duddles. "


1.  Underline the nouns.

2.  Circle the adjectives of the 

     nouns circled.

3.  Write the possessive noun     



Write the contractions. 4.  __________ =  ________ ____

                                5.  __________ =  ________ ____    

Daily Math Review


1)  How long is Miss Fuddle-dee-duddle's Wonderful tail if each helper lifts 3    

     feet of tail?  Write a number sentence to solve.  ____________________

2)  Each helper is paid 8 cents.  How much does Miss Fuddle-dee-duddle pay   

     each day? __________  Draw the fewest number of coins used.




3)  The Umbus needs one helper for each faucet.  If Miss Fuddle-dee-duddle  

     and the Umbus go walking how many helpers in all will they need?   Write  

     the addition problem below.     


                     28                  90                  63

                   + 29                - 13               - 27



Write number sentences for today's number.