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Daily Language Review


There's no one on earth who has eyesight that's finer.    

I looked past Japan. Then I looked across China. 

I looked across Egypt; then took a quick glance

Across the two countries of Holland and France. 

Then I looked across England and, also Brazil.


1.  Underline the long i words.

2.  Circle the compound word.

3.  What is a synonym for   

     glance? _________

4.  What continents did the old worm look across? _______________________

5.  In what direction does the worm look when he looks from Egypt to Holland?



6.  Write the contraction. __________ =  ________ ____


Daily Math Review


Look at the clocks on the chalkboard.


"The eyes of that worm almost popped from his head.  He stared half an hour till his eyelids got red."


1)  Write the time the worm begins. __________

2)  What time did the worm finish?  __________



Write the number in expanded form.

3)  112 =  ____ hundreds      ____ tens  ____ones

4)  The year Mr. Geisel was born.

________=  ____ thousands ____ hundreds      ____ tens   ____ones


  48                      19                  52                  88

+21                   +63                  -29                 -43




Write number sentences for today's number.