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Daily Language Review


I'll bag a big bug

Who is very surprising,

A feller who has

A propeller for rising

And zooming around

Making cross-country hops,

From Texas to Boston

With only two stops.

Now that sort of thing

For a bug is just tops!


In what direction does the bug travel when he hops from Texas to Boston? ___________


Write your own three words with a similar pattern to:

        bag    big    bug 

_______   ______   _______





Circle three verbs from the rhyme.  Change them to past tense.



Daily Math Review


    Begins (See chalkboard)        Ends (See chalkboard)


Write the time Gerald begins. __________

Write the time Gerald ends.    __________

How much time did the search take? _________




Round to the nearest ten.   77 ____     32 ____     19 ____     68 ____



  25                      37                  81                  63

+49                   +56                  -32                 -25



Write number sentences for today's number.