Name:_______________________                                 Day # ______

Date __________________________

Daily Language Review


          I'll go to the African island of Yerka

          And bring back a tizzle-topped Tufted Mazurka,

          A kind of canary with quite a tall throat.

          His neck is so long, if he swallows an oat

          For breakfast the first day of April, they say

          It has to go down such a very long way

          That it gets to his stomach the fifteenth of May.


1.  List the long a words.



2.  What continent is the island of Yerka near? ___________________


3.  List the proper nouns. ________________________________________________________


4.  List the adjectives. ________________________________________________________


Daily Math Review


1.  How many days does it take the Tufted Mazurka to swallow an oat?      __________


2.  If Gerald McGrew starts his trip to Yerka at 2:45 and it takes 45     

     minutes to reach the Tufted Mazurka, what time is it then?  ________ 

3.  A bag of oats costs 87 cents.  What coins does Gerald pay with if he     

       uses the fewest coins?




  67                      39               55                 48

+28                   +46               -49                -29



Write number sentences for today's number.