States Project



††††††† Each Primary Student will be completing a project about one of our United States.There are several parts to this project and each part has its own due date.


Part I:Finding Information About My State

Each student chose a state in December.I chose the state of ___________________.As a class we wrote letters requesting information about each of the chosen states.We are still waiting for replies from some of the states.

Step #1:Look in the local library or bookstore for books about your state.If you find one that you can read, check it out or purchase it.(We understand that books about states are limited.)


Step #2:Anyone who has found a book should show it to his classroom teacher.Students may sign out the S.J.S.J.A. library books about states.VERY FEW STATES ARE REPRESENTED.


Part II:Reading and Writing About Your State

††††††††††††††† ††††††† - Due

††††††† If you have a book to read you will read the book to gather the information.Other children will receive copies of fact sheets from their teachers.Computer-aided research is optional.


††††††† Students will fill out a fact sheet about their state that gives general information about their state.Facts will include the location of the state, state capital, and other general information.



Part III:Map of the State

††††††† ††††††† Due

††††††† Students will receive a blank map of their state and will need to label important points of interest such as the state capital, bodies of water and landforms.Please do not change the size of the blank map.When cut-out, the blank maps will fit together to form one large map.


Part IV:Postcard of the State

††††††† ††††††† Due

††††††† Students will receive a blank index card and will need to create a picture postcard of the state.



Part V:State Flag

††††††† ††††††† Due

††††††† Students will receive a blank index card and will need to create their state flag.No computer generated flags, please.Your flag should be double-sided so that we can hang them.


††††††† Any other ideas you have for extra-credit are welcome!!


Some reminders:


All student writing must be in the childís handwriting (not a computer and not an adultís).


This project is the major part of your Literature Project grade for the next marking period - it is important!


This is an at home project.If assignments are not turned in on time the child will be kept in at lunch but will not be receiving teacher-assistance.