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United States Project:  Directions for State Map


Map of the State


v               Due Wednesday, March 5th


v               Today students received a blank map of their assigned state and will need to label important points of interest such as the state capital, bodies of water and landforms.


v               We will be creating a giant map of the United States for the hallway. 


v               Please do not change the size of the blank map. 


v               Please do not glue the map to another sheet of paper or write outside the border of the state. 


v               Each student has been sent home with an envelope of research materials.  Please return this envelope of materials with the completed map by March 5th.  Students will need the information for another part of the project.  We will be unable to replace information that has been lost or misplaced.


v               We encourage you to visit the library or use the computer for further information.  Please remember:  the handwriting must be the child’s.