Favorite Dr. Seuss Ideas for Groups


And to Think That I Saw It on St. Marie Lane! 

            Long banner paper with our street drawn.  Students add whatever they want and it becomes a mural for a wall somewhere.  (Maybe later in someone's class we could write.)


The Cat in the Hat

He's tired of red and stripes!  Create a new hat for the cat.  Could be flat.  Could be 3-D.


Put the Cat in the Hat

Beanie cats tossed into a hat


Pin the Who on Horton


Hop On Pop 

Outline of pop.  Jump from the starting line.  Measure the hops.  It could be nonstandard measure such as string and hang the strings on a wall with student names listed.  Great for comparisons.


The Foot Book

Meet the Feet!  Children trace foot and then design the foot.  A word or two underneath to describe (wiggly feet, cold feet)


Fishing for Feet!  Older students create the feet - perhaps on large index cards with paper clips.  Younger students can go fishing for feet with magnets attached to a pole


Fox in Socks  - Pin the Sock on the fox.


Crafts - Create a Seuss character - wide open!!