Chronoligical Listing of Children's Books

by Theodore Geisel


Year         Title                                                                      Written Under         Illustrated                             the Pseudonym                                                                          By   


1937         And to Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street Dr. Seuss                    Self

1938         The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins     Dr. Seuss                    Self

1939         The King's Stilts                                                  Dr. Seuss                    Self

1940         Horton Hatches the Egg                               Dr. Seuss                    Self

1947         McElligot's Pool                                                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1948         Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose               Dr. Seuss                    Self

1949         Bartholomew and the Oobleck                  Dr. Seuss                    Self

1950         If I Ran the Zoo                                                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1953         Scrambled Eggs Super                                   Dr. Seuss                    Self

1954         Horton Hears a Who                                        Dr. Seuss                    Self

1955         On Beyond Zebra                                            Dr. Seuss                    Self

1956         If I Ran the Circus                                            Dr. Seuss                    Self

1957         The Cat in the Hat                                          Dr. Seuss                    Self     

1957         How the Grinch Stole Christmas                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1958         The Cat in the Hat Comes Back                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1958         Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories

(Gertrude Mc Fuzz and the Big Brag)                         Dr. Seuss                    Self

1959         Happy Birthday to You!                                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1960         Green Eggs and Ham                                    Dr. Seuss                    Self

1960         One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish         Dr. Seuss                    Self

1961         The Sneetches and Other Stories

(The Zax, Too Many Daves, What Was I Scared Of?)Dr. Seuss                 Self

1961         Ten Apples on Top                                          LeSieg                        Self

1962         Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book                                      Dr. Seuss                    Self

1963         Dr. Seuss's ABC                                                  Dr. Seuss                    Self

1963         Hop on Pop                                                        Dr. Seuss                    Self

1964         The Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary, By the Cat Himself 

                                                                                                Dr. Seuss with Philip D. Eastman           

1965         I Wish That I Had Duck Feet                         LeSieg                        B. Tobey

1965         Fox in Socks                                                        Dr. Seuss                    Self

1965         I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Solloew     Dr. Seuss                    Self

1966         The Cat in the Hat is republished by Random House - Beginner Books       Division

1966         Come Over to My House                               LeSieg                Richard Erdoes

1967         The Cat in the Hat Song Book                     Dr. Seuss                    Self

1968         The Eye Book                                                     LeSieg                        Roy McKie

1968         The Foot Book                                                   Dr. Seuss                    Self

1969         I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!  And Other Stories

(King Looie Katz, The Glunk That Got Thunk)            Dr. Seuss                    Self

1969         My Book About Me, By Me, Myself:  I Wrote It!  I Drew It        

                                                                                                Dr. Seuss                    Roy McKie

1970         I Can Draw It Myself                                       Dr. Seuss                    Self

1970         Mr. Brown Can Moo!  Can You?                 Dr. Seuss                    Self

1971         I Can Write - By Me, Myself                            LeSieg                        Self

1971         The Lorax                                                            Dr. Seuss                    Self

1972         In a People House                                            LeSieg                        Roy McKie

1972         Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now!    Dr. Seuss           Self

1973         Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?    Dr. Seuss                    Self

1973         The Shape of Me and Other Stuff              Dr. Seuss                    Self

1973         The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. Brice                       LeSieg                        Roy McKie

1974         Wacky Wednesday                                         LeSieg               George Booth

1974         Great Day for Up!                                            Dr. Seuss            Quentin Blake

1974         There's a Wocket in my Pocket                    Dr. Seuss                    Self

1975         Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?                LeSieg                        Roy McKie

1975         Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!                     Dr. Seuss                    Self

1975         Because A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!        Rosetta Stone  Michael  Frith

                  (Stone is the pseud for Geisel with Frith under pseud Stone)

1976         The Cat's Quizzer                                             Dr. Seuss                    Self

1977         Hooper Humperdinck...Not Him!                 LeSieg                       

1977         Please Try to Remember to First of Octember!  LeSieg   Arthur Cummings

1978         I Can Read With My Eyes Shut                    Dr. Seuss                    Self

1979         The Dr. Seuss Storybook

                  (includes Scrambled: McElligot; Zax; Lorax)  Dr. Seuss              Self

1979         Oh Say Can You Say?                                    Dr. Seuss                    Self

1980         Maybe You Should Fly A Jet! Maybe You Should Be A Vet!  

                                                                                                LeSieg            Michael J. Smulin

1981         The Tooth Book                                                 LeSieg                       

1982         Hunches in Bunches                                        Dr. Seuss                    Self

1984         The Butter Battle Book                                   Dr. Seuss                    Self

1986         The Tough Coughs as He Ploughs the Dough:  Early Writings and Cartoons         by Dr. Seuss       

1986         You're Only Old Once!                                   Dr. Seuss                    Self

1987         I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!             Dr. Seuss         James Stevenson

1990         Oh, the Places You'll Go                                Dr. Seuss                    Self

1991         Six By Seuss:  A Treasury of Dr. Seuss Classics

                  (And to Think; 500 Hats; Horton-Egg; How Grinch; Lorax; Yertle)    

1994         Daisy-Head Mayzie                                          Dr. Seuss   

                  Drawings Inspired by Manuscript

1997         A Hatful of Seuss (If I Ran the Zoo; Horton Who; Sleep; Oobleck;     Sneetches)  

1997         My Many Colored Days                                  Dr. Seuss      Johnson and Fancher

1998         Hooray for Diffendoofer Day                         Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith              based on 14 rough drawings and verses by Seuss

2000         Gerald McBoing Boing (Based on 1950 Theodore Geisel Cartoon)